TROOP 444 Fountain Hills Arizona


We are moving our website to however we will keep this site as an archive until the transition is complete.

Troop 444 meets at the Fellowship Hall at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church on the NW corner of El Lago and Fountain Hills Blvd.

Regular meetings are on Mondays from 6:45 PM until 8:15 PM.  

Troop 444 is a traditional Boy Scout Troop.  We follow Lord Baden-Powell's method and mix boys of different ages together. We strongly adhere to the principles of the boy lead troop. Our scoutmasters believe, "The Troop runs best when the boys run it."  They feel that young men mature and develop faster when given responsibility for themselves and positions of leadership over others.  

Join Up

The easiest way to join Troop 444 is to show up at one of our regular Monday night meetings with a parent or guardian.  You can participate in the meeting and decide if scouting is for you.  If you decide to join, your parent, or guardian, will need to fill out application and health forms for you.  You will also need to pay $50 in dues to join.

To join the Boy Scouts you must
  • be at least 11 years old, 
  • or be 10 and have completed the 5th grade,
  • or be 10 and have the Arrow of Light Award,
  • not yet be 18.

Contact Us


phone: (480) 318-3589

LATEST NEWS - Recycling of Metals Up and Running

Scouts and Fountain Hills Residents:

We have teamed up with FOUNTAIN HILLS RECYCLES to provide a new service to town recycling enthusiasts.  We will do this in two ways....

1)  Save your aluminum cans and take them to our collection bin at 11819 N Saguaro Blvd in front of the Auto-Mobile Detective shop.  This bin is emptied regularly and will provide our troop with some income we can use to defer summer camp costs.... Spread the word to your friends and neighbors!

2)  We have also partnered with Kelley's Automotive and the Auto-Mobile Detective shop to collect and recycle their scrap metals.  These businesses produce TONS of scrap metal each week, from nuts and bolts to entire engine blocks.  We will gather on certain Friday afternoons after school as patrols to collect this treasure and transport it to one of several recycling centers in the valley.  The donors get a tax benefit and money raised goes directly to the Troop...  WIN-WIN!  But we need horsepower from the Troop to git er done.  When your SPL calls to make a run, be sure to participate!

Contact Scoutmaster McWilliams by EMAIL or call 480-836-8506 if you have large metal items you are willing to donate!

Troop Job Openings


As we staff up our troop, many of you need and some desire jobs to help make the troop go.  Each job has responsibilities that will help the troop run and help the scout advance.  Our troop will require a scout requesting a job to read the description carefully and commit in writing to the job.  The scout will recieve all the training and encouragement they need to excel.  Take a look at the troop jobs by clicking....


If you're interested, print out the last page, fill it out, and bring it to the next meeting!

Troop 444 Orientation

Scouts and Parents:

For those of you new to the Troop or Boy Scouts, the following link will present an overview of The Boy Scouts of America program and Troop 444.... 444 Orientation.pdf